Believe it or not many people have asked me why I don’t I change to YouTube since it is a great platform for bloggers and so on… however, many don’t know I already have a channel.

I have to be subscribed to my favorite bloggers’ channels though.

I have previously posted videos and fotos in my YouTube channel but never something with high quality and production like this one. So this time I wanted to prepare something very special for you all therefore nothing better than this awesome tutorial for Halloween you guys…

 You can watch the full tutorial video in the following link:

 I decided to use Chelsea Smile makeup because it is easy to make at home, you can even use your mom’s, sister’s or girlfrind’s… you know best.

Or if you want to get this specific makeup here I leave the details of the makeup that used.

 Materials used

-To clean your face: Makeup remover wipes, Cala.(Drugstore)

Cotton, Zuum.(Drugstore)

99% Alcohol.(Drugstore)


-For makeup: Different makeup and painting brushes (Amazon, 99c store)

35B Color Glam Palette, Morphe (

Liquid Latex, Kangaroo(Amazon)

Kitchen sponge(Drugstore)


Small scissors(Drugstore)

Loose powder, Maybelline(Variedades Ivette)

Pro-conceal Concealer by LA Girl(Amazon)

FIT Me! Concealer by Maybelline(Siman)

FIT Me! Foundation by Maybelline(Siman)

Strobe cream by MAC(

Translucent powder by NYX(

2 Flash color palette by CCBeauty(Amazon)

Fix Plus Setting Spray by MAC(


 But if you are a mess like me and you need some expert then I want to recommend you my colleague Julio Jorge who is a specialist in the subject an here I share his info:



 I hope you all subscribe to my channel and like my tutorial video.

 I also want to thank Manuel Matus; a fotographer that helped out with the filming and editing of the video.



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